Help us reach five-hundred (500) participants!

One (1) bike will be donated to a personnel of Philippine General Hospital for every 100 registered participants.


Our target for this event is to give away five (5) brand new bikes, for every employee who is in dire need of transportation. So what are you waiting for? Ride with us!




Race Kit



  1. ​The challenge Period is from April 19 to June 19, 2021

  2. Registration fee of Php500 + Shipping Fees. *Race Kit Shipping Fees are not included*

  3. Register online by filling up the form and email to:

  4. Select your preferred distance challenges: 100km, 500km, 1000kmor elevation challenges of 10,000 ft.

  5. Use any of the wearable and fitness devices: Garmin, fitbit, Google fit, Apple Health, Mi-band or Strava (not wearable but also a fitness tracking app.) and send it to for checking.


Rules &

  1. Participants must accomplish their selected category during the prescribed period of April 19 to June 19, 2021. In the event that participants are not able to finish within this period they will be disqualified from receiving their giveaway's.

  2. Participants must strictly follow IATF advised protocols within their areas.

  3. Participants can join multiple categories if they are able to easily accomplish the first event they chose. But take note, each category is a separate registration and registration fee.

  4. Participants are advised not to join or create group rides to accomplish this activity. 

AS OF APRIL 27, 2021 (Updates every Friday)



Step 1

Fill up the registration form provided below.

Step 2

Once you have filled in your details  and agreed to the waiver. Wait for the confirmation email from for the payment instructions.

Step 3

Pay your registration fee and email your proof of payment back to  Admins will then send out instructions on how to submit your proof of progress! You can now start your challenge!

Step 4

Already done with your challenge? Admins will automatically send out your certificate of completion. Take note that Shirts and other giveaways will be sent out starting June 19 to 30, 2021 via courier! 



Frequently Asked

When is my payment due date?

Your payment due date is three (3) banking days. It is indicated in your email confirmation. Kindly settle your payments to secure your slot.

Where do I claim my race kit?

Race Kit claiming will be delivered to your doorstep! Shipping fee applies and will be shouldered by the participant.

I missed my payment period,
what can I do?

When your registration expires kindly email  before you register again to avoid multiple registration.

I am a beginner can I join your event?

Yes! We encourage new cyclist to join our event!

Where do I claim my race kit?

Race Kit claiming will be delivered to your doorstep! Shipping fee applies and will be shouldered by the participant.

I changed my mind,
can I refund my entry?

You can cancel your paid registration at least 1 month before the event day. Kindly email  xcgran